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Hi Ken, thanks for the question.

We have a few things hosted at smikbox, so using TS-682-i3 with 4 x 8GB disk, 2xSSD and 2xSSDm3 cache. We need the horsepower to run all the servers.

e.g. We are hosting 5 live WordPress sites, plus several backup sites for Live domains hosted externally. That way if these external sites goes down we can swap to the backup very quickly. The WordPress Duplicate plugin allows us to create a mirror image of any site as a backup on the NAS and bring that site up just the same as it was externally very quickly (great for Testing, QA and debugging).

Plus we run multiple Windows 2xxx instances, multiple Windows PC, a PC farm used for SEO.a few unbuntu servers one of which runs home-Assistant and controls home automation in my home and the office.

So generally the TVS-682-i3 is pretty busy.

With so much at stake it does backup and replication to a separate TS-453a (custom unit with 16GB of memory) in separate location, plus critical backups to a friends QNAP TVS-682-i3. The TS-453a is special custom unit because it also runs several VM’s for specific SEO tasks.

Plus we replicate to external sites and Google Drive, Dropbox and a few others. Generally it sounds like a lot but it just built up over time.

Hope that helps.