What QNAP NAS model fit these needs

smikBox Selecting the right NAS What QNAP NAS model fit these needs

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    Kenneth Pole

    Can you please suggest a QNAP model that fits these needs to save time and money of choosing to upgrade to a new device at a later time?

    – has most of the multimedia features listed here as I will be regularly streaming movies to mobile devices and smartTV, my current WD MyCLoud always lags so I never streamed a movie from there

    – has most of the home features here – most of the people at home are students so setting up a printer server is of much importance

    For business use,
    – Im not planning to host a website but I may be needing it in the future
    – I may be needing to setup VPN in the server – with this, I mean setting up a virtual server where i can install a software that runs itself 24 hours to avoid using having a computer stay on for a 24/7 task – this is possible right. im not quite sure about the terminologies but that’s basically what i want to achieve

    I’m not particular with storage but I may be needing a NAS that i wont outgrow its capacity easily.

    Thanks for your help with this. With the right choice, I wont be needing a new QNAP device if ever I get to need a feature or functionality

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