Which is the fastest / best drives for NAS

smikBox Selecting the right NAS Which is the fastest / best drives for NAS

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    Anne Porter

    A lot of people on the Internet talk about WD and Seagate drives for a NAS and after watching your tutorial on backup (https://youtu.be/wk8qRMV78s0) I think I want a more secure set up for my photo/video collections.

    Some Blogs talk about the benefits of speed and others talk about using the WD Red drives designed for NAS.

    What is the Pros/Cons, what should I be looking for ?


    Anne Porter

    ALSO: While I think of it, the photo collection and misc files is about 3 TB and I have another 500MB stored on other devices, plus a MAC that needs to be backed up.



    Thats a good question, I read a detailed technical review a few weeks back (if I can find it I will post the URL) that compared seagate and Western digital for performance in a NAS. The reviewer found that the two drives were neck and neck for performance on all the tests that effected a NAS performance.

    Both these companies are reputable manufacturers that provide good quality products, I would use either in my equipment without concern.

    In the end its more a matter of using which ever your most comfortable with, and if your unfamiliar go for best price / performance value.

    One point I would make regarding photo collections, is that since a photo once stored on a drive remains in that location is not altered or changed, so disk performance is not as critical for this environment. So when choosing a drive the Western Digital RED are 5400 rpm, and are adequate for storage of large files. Typically the WD RED PRO are 7200 rpm and considerably faster for read / write, but in your case the usage is more write once, and read many times, so the standard WD RED 5400 rpm will be suitable.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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