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Why Personal Cloud In A Box?

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Use your files anywhere

Store your files securely and use them anywhere from any device. Transform large movie files "on the fly" to the screen size and line speed of the receiving device for smooth playing. Sync and backup your all your data automatically.

No size limits, forget managing multiple accounts and passwords, automatically sync your files from cloud services such as Google, Dropbox, directly to your NAS to keep storage limits under control.

Working where there is no internet? No problems just store a local copy and take it with you, it will sync itself when internet available.

Collaborate with friends and colleagues streamline your life.

 - Best-Personal-Cloud-NAS
 - Best-Personal-Cloud-NAS


Run multiple Windows, Linux servers in your Personal Cloud box, then access from ANY device.

Protect against a PC crash. Just clone and backup PC's to your NAS. Run the clone PC from your personal cloud anytime anywhere, any device. Windows on an iPhone? Yes, if you must!

Websites/Blogs for friends, family, colleagues, school projects for free from your NAS. Productivity tools or games like MindCraft.

Host your domain, websites, email servers (WordPress, Drupal), off-site mirror of business servers or just run your business from home with immediate backup and redundancy.

 - Best-Personal-Cloud-NAS
 - Best-Personal-Cloud-NAS

Home / Office automation Education and Security

Intrusion detection / Live camera streaming of home and office from one platform managed from any device. Control home and Internet of Things (iOT) devices. Software marketplace to select from thousands applications for the business or the home.

Help your kids develop critical skills needed for workplaces of today. Use the NAS as it is or with kits like the BlackBerry Pie to give kids and family new skills and career opportunities.

Stream HD video around the home, link SONOS to your home network, solve those WiFi speed problems, manage movies with ever having to copy files around again.


 - Best-Personal-Cloud-NAS
 - Best-Personal-Cloud-NAS

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