Benefits of smikBox NAS

Our Process

Out of the box the set up instructions are simple and gives you a fully functional NAS.  It takes a few hours but most of this time involves drinking a cup of coffee while it "does its thing".

If you're running a 2 bay you should choose RAID 1 and in all other cases RAID 5 is most common.

At this point you have a running NAS and the task of installing, checking, evaluating and configuring the hundreds of available programs is for some an enjoyable technical and educational experience. All the information you could need is available online through blogs, posts, forums.

If however you're time-poor, or technically out of touch, let smikBox do it for you. After asking a few easy questions your NAS is setup for you with all the most popular features, up and running. After the smikBox Configuration and Setup is complete there is still plenty of features to be discovered, you're just removing the DIY frustrations and jumping directly to the fun part.

 The smikBox Process Explanation
 - Benefits of smikBox NAS CPU, Storage, Network, Media management
Backup, replication, Security, remote access, WiFi / Network speed
Sync between devices, Web servers, Surveillance, Virtualizatin
Business, education, Entertainment, Automation, iOT
Setup form, Users, Locations, Devices you use
Build, Configure, Test, Document
Hand holding, Chat buddy, Operational training
Help desk, Automated updates, Webinars, Consulting

What smikbox provides is:

  1. Configuration and Setup - A pre-delivery service to set up the NAS with the most popular features, make the changes to the backup, replication and management systems so it all just works and keeps working
  2. Support - A support service to help you once your NAS is delivered, with email, chat, webinar and training all provided for free
  3. Disaster recovery service - Insurance that if your NAS gets lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair you can re-instate both your systems and your data.

smikBox provides these services as:

  • Standard service (Suitable for homes)
  • Premium (Suitable for high spec, high performance and Business users)

smikBox Services

NAS made simpler with Setup Support and Recovery Services for NAS

After purchase smikBox sends you a form to complete that is used as a basis for setup.

Using your response to select all the best features, smikBox installs, and configures the systems and services to use the correct IP address / ports to avoid clashes and utilize the correct network (a NAS can have 4 x 1GB networks) or 5G WiFi so the NAS is used to its full potential, and ensure your local network is fast, secure, backed up regularly (automatically), users have access only to what they are authorized to use. You could do all this yourself with trial and error, but you will need to be prepared to dedicate the time to learn and experiment before you start using your NAS for real information. (You don't want to accidentally delete something important).

Your NAS can do a lot more than you realize, and using the setup and configuration service to enable all the cool features will allow you to get better value out of your NAS from the get go.

Premium includes:

  • Premium level provides a more in depth matching of your exiting systems to the NAS
  • The service enables the advanced Backup and replication functions used in environments with time critical or high volumes of data and files.
  • Creates Virtual windows servers, links these to networks, setup NAS storage pools, snapshots (so you can restore selected files at a specific point in time), remote site replication, higher security policies, group policies, domain controller, proxies, container services

Now you have your NAS installed, it's likely you will need a bit of help now and then. The smikBox buddy system teams you up with a real person to help you get your NAS up and running. The support is then available by website chat, email and support tickets. If there is a difficult problem our experts can dial into your machine and share screens with you to work it out. The service coordinates the free automated updates and to your firmware and systems to ensure updates to your configuration work seamlessly. We apply these to our test machines (which are set up the same as yours) before the update is unpackaged on your NAS just to ensure its working as expected. The support service includes login access to training, webinars, and documentation through the resources area.

Premium includes:

  • Remote Cloud monitoring of your NAS, checking logs, detection and correction of abnormalities (Alerts sent to you by email)
  • Checking new software updates before and after being applied to your NAS, providing additional documentation, explanation of new features
  • Vetting and product evaluation of new features, software products compatible with your NAS and providing news and recommendations on use of new updates and features
  • Manage backup and replication, security breaches and services administration and management
  • Telephone support / help desk and screen sharing support where needed

The RAID configuration of your disk drive protects against failure of one of your disks, but this is not your only risk. Damage from human error, theft, water, blunt force and other phenomena can damage your NAS beyond repair.

The disaster recovery service ensures that copies of important files are backed up and very important information retained in another server as a fail safe.

Firstly the firmware configuration is extracted from your server and stored in smikBox cloud server repository where it can be retrieved and used should your NAS be lost so a new NAS can be rebuilt from the DNA of your last NAS saving you the trouble of re-establishing all your software again.

Second the backup scheduled are altered to send important data to off site servers, starting with the use of FREE and low cost external storage providers such as iDrive, Amazon Glacier, S3 and other similar options.

Thirdly and most importantly, in the event of a complete failure, the service offers a rebuild service that starts by restoring your files on a "smikBox NAS" so you can get at the important information quickly and start to work out "which backup" you want to restore.

Premium includes

  • Snapshot backup regime to restore parts of backups needed to reinstate the system as it was just prior to failure (standard service restores as it was at last backup)
  • Send your backups to smikbox and we will restore on our server same day so you can access files immediately via the web
  • Rebuild of the replacement unit to last known configuration
  • You can rent a "loaner NAS" for the period between the failure and when your replacement unit is delivered
  • After the "loaner NAS" is returned your files remain on the smikBox cNAs so you can access and download for another 4 weeks (or longer is requested)