We have had a lot of feedback on the smikbox webinars and our "How to" sessions that has led us to the thought that maybe it’s time to start our own YouTube channel!

In that way, when our customers and followers want us to cover a new topic, we can call in the best person from any of the smikbox – people around the work, and beam out an on demand session or scheduled event at the best time.

Anyone in our community can catch up on topics they missed at the best time, and our customers and subscribers can suggest topics through Twitter @smikbox !

smikbox TVLive  Starts 20th March 2018

How to participate:


  1. You can tag us or send us a direct message on our Twitter account, @smikbox all the ideas and suggestions that you have.
  2. Ideas and topic suggestions from our customers and subscribers will be handled first, but anyone who is interested in a topic is also welcome to share their ideas.
  3. The channel is to GO LIVE on the 20th March 2018.
  4. In the period before we will launch Go Live, we will conduct a number of TEST broadcasts while we work out the mechanics, and while giving you updates, you can also give us your feedback.
  5. We will inform our customers and subscribers on their emails, so if you’re not already one of them yet, please register so we can keep in touch.

You can visit the channel using the link below:

smikboxTVLive - How to Channel.
When it opens it will appear as follows:

CloudBox  - smikbox Live TV Channel Coming Soon!


On the right side, you can access the Chat session to speak directly with the presenter during LIVE sessions while it is being recorded. After the session, you can read it back for up to 12 weeks, before chat is no longer available.

If you want to set up your own channel, I found this video a good place to start.


Best regards,

smikBox - Innovation team

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