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    You need a reliable device to safely store and search through huge photo, music and video collections. QNAP provides rich features and apps that enable you to centrally collect, back up and share multimedia files, and to enjoy a complete entertainment experience.

Multimedia Solutions

Pro Photographers

I need to save hundreds of thousands of photos, with each photo being invaluable to my professional development. I have used free cloud storage services, but I find them to be slow, they provide a small amount of storage space, and I'm afraid that my photos may be accessed without my permission and the fact that I'm not in control of what is stored on the cloud company's servers. What other options are there for me to save my photos?

Music Lovers

I have a huge amount of digital music, including high-resolution FLAC files and it can be a challenge to organize my collections. My lack of storage keeps bothering me, and it can be a hassle to share music across my many devices.

Video Enthusiasts

It can be very inconvenient for me to save HD videos as they need lots of storage space - not to mention the difficulties in streaming them to my living room or to my mobile devices when I leave my home. I especially don't like messing around with file conversion software just to play something that my device is incompatible with.