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    The new digital world is already here. Embrace it. It is the way of things to come.

Smikbox is much more than storage...

Enrich your life with the unexpected!

Use Your Files Everywhere

Store your files securely and use them everywhere from any device. No size limits, no accounts and passwords.

Consolidated Computing

A single box runs  Webserver(s), Windows 7, 8, 10 and DataCentre(s), Linux you can access anywhere , any device

Home/Office Automation, Education, Security

Intrusion detection, Live camera streaming of home/office, Internet of Things (iOT) controller, teaches kids important workplace skills, home business automation

Share Windows everywhere

Instead of buying computers, Virtual Windows PC’s and servers can be used by any devices at any location.  Create anything from single PC for each family member to Datacenter server’s for business and professional use.

Your files and content have value!

The movies, images, documents, conversations, business and professional resources we accumulate are growing in size and value. There is an easier way to manage...

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Access anywhere, Any time

Take your digital world with you upload and re-use files on any device, and sync back when connectivity is best. Sync with  cloud service providers (e.g. Google, Apple, Microsoft) manages from your Personal Cloud Box.

Home Media Center

Access thousands of on line movies, music, TV shows streamed to TV and media players in or outside your home. Download / Backup  DVD collections.  Games, Karaoke, music and movies  through multi-room streaming technologies

Share with friends

Share moments with your friends, collaborate on projects, host webinars, meetings and experiences.

Quick and Easy to setup

Just attached the power and Internet connections and start it up. Smikbox is delivered with your preferred features pre-installed.

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