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We love cool new technology and finding ways for it to improve our lifestyle and work life balance. The average person has more technical skills today than any time in history.  We can set up our WiFi, handle connection problems, however the rate of innovation is unrelenting and people don't have the time and/or opportunity to stay in touch and research the best tech for personal and/or business use.

At smikBox we decided to provide a NAS that uses a standardised framework. Then we could do the tech work behind the scenes (updates, maintenance, research, testing) so our customers can enjoy using a NAS that is constantly fed with the latest tech automatically!

The standardised setup means we can upload and try new tech on a box exactly like yours before it is sent to you. So even though each smikBox may have different specifications (e.g. processor, disk memory), the smikBox framework, folders, naming conventions is identical and when you get updates, they just work.

SmikBox then provides resources, downloads, tutorials and webinars to help you get more from your NAS.


The Process That Works Best for NAS

At smikbox we know a great "out of the box" experience is no accident. The smikbox process has helped hundreds of customers through their setup and NAS integration into existing environments, and then helped them get the most from their new NAS.


Step 1 It all starts with making the right choice for the NAS equipment itself, and using the Choosing your NAS page.


Step 2 Choosing the configuration is our job. Based on your answers in the Configuration Questionnaire smikBox will select the services and systems software for you to start with. That doesn't mean you can't add more later, it's just a starting point so your system will "do what the brochure says" when delivered.


Steps 3 to 5 Like the configuration based on your configuration questionnaire, smikBox installs the services needed to do what you ask.


Step 6 In the pre-delivery step smikBox does build a "configuration profile" that is then installed using an automated process. The configuration is then tested, appropriate documentation collected and dispatched to you with your NAS.

(Note: The documentation included is to explain operational processes that you would need to follow in the use of the NAS. The NAS itself has technical documentation, the smikbox documentation by comparison explains how to use the NAS in combination with the various 3rd party software products to do real life tasks).

 - What Does smikBox Do?

Step 7 when the NAS is delivered you can unbox it, plug it in and follow instructions. However there is always that simple "thing" you need someone to explain, and smikBox assigns you a "real person" to communicate with. You can ask your questions get the guidance or reassurance needed by chat, email or phone.


Step 8 After your NAS is delivered the support service is there to help when you need help or guidance. You're encouraged to take advantage of the webinars, training videos and online courses provided. The email news is important to watch as it is the primary means by which smikBox notifies you of new features, ideas and techniques that will provide additional value from your NAS.

Support service also manages the automated updates to your NAS, pretesting them before they are applied to your system and advising you of new features and how they can be used.


Step 9 and 10 Educational programs are offered to develop your knowledge in the areas of Business, Marketing, Management of your NAS, and skills you and the kids can take to the workplace.


Service Explanation

Out of the box the setup instructions are simple and gives you a fully functional NAS. Getting other facilities installed is also easy, but in most cases you need some technical knowledge to complete the configuration so it works with your environment. smikBox uses automated setup and configuration technology to activate the important and most popular functions that you would otherwise need to work out through trial and error. For example functions like automated backup are dependent on the choices made when partitioning volumes at initial set up, and are difficult to change when you have Terabytes of data already copied to your NAS.

Once the smikBox configuration is complete you are ready to connect to your network, and follow the operational examples and videos to help you get the most from your NAS. You can still tinker, learn and add further functionality if you wish. smikBox encourages you to do this with examples, tutorials, webinars, and forums you can follow. What's important here is that any program you add or features you activate will work straight away, we do the technical stuff for you, so whatever you add just works using the standardised framework.

After set you're good to go, you copy on your files, link to cloud service and when you are ready follow the examples provided to customize smikBox to your individual preferences with the confidence that your smikBox is set up in accordance with standards making continuous automated maintenance, enhancement and support from smikBox possible.

By all means if you're a DIY person you can still tinker, but the standard smikBox configuration saves you months of tinkering in your spare time and gives you a sustainable / ITIL standards based platform to build your digital world upon.

New updates to each of the software and firmware features arrive weekly, these are checked and installed on test equipment just like yours, then released to your site with explanation and operational documentation. At the same time smikBox engineers research new software and technologies compatible with member equipment, and offer these to you to incorporate in your machine at no additional cost.

If you have problems using your NAS, smikBox helpdesk is there to connect with your machine, run diagnostics, or share your screen to help you out of trouble. Ask questions by email, chat through the web chat, participate in webinars and forums on key topics raised by yourself or your fellow members.

Premium members are provided by the cloud-based monitoring service to keep track of websites, disk usage, check logs and security status much the same as you would expect from your own in-house IT team at a fraction of the cost.

We help you pick equipment that will do what you're actually trying to accomplish. If in the end you only need a small box that does not require our support, you can still join as a FREE subscriber and get access to resources, tricks, tips and community forums.

If you're the type who likes to tinker, and want to set up and maintain your own NAS, then join as a FREE subscriber and learn from or contribute to the growing community using smikBox devices.

Personal cloud equipment from reputable suppliers is highly reliable and any problems with your equipment will almost always be as a result of external factors such as power surge, blunt force, neglect (yes a NAS has feelings too), or human error.

In the case of equipment failure the hardware service and warranty is provided through your place of purchase.

The smikBox membership is there to help with initial setup and subsequent changes to your NAS, so if there is ever a catastrophe, your data and systems can be re-instated and you will be up and running as quickly as possible. Following smikBox guidelines and using its install, setup and maintenance guidelines means a suitably qualified technician will be able to recover your systems to their last known state if you get into trouble.

The smikBox configurations have a backup and disaster recover strategy built in. First the system automatically sends an encrypted version of you machine firmware and boot sequence to store in our servers. If your equipment fails or is just damaged beyond repair, this little parcel will start the rebuild process on new equipment, so you get exactly the same machine reinstated.

Second, the smikBox configuration sets up automated backups for your files, servers and data distributing these intelligently (in accordance with your preferences) across some of the free cloud services, any redundancy images in your environment and our smikBox services.