This configurator is to be used by smikBox subscribers and customers to submit their needs and requirements for smikBox to provide help, support, new system build, system recovery preventative measures, backup configuration, backup monitoring, replication, upgrade notifications, alerts, performance monitoring, optimization and disaster recovery services.

NAS owners with devices purchased elsewhere are encouraged to join as a subscriber as they are eligible for the free services. smikBox customers should complete the configurator in conjunction with the order of a new NAS because the responses will be used in setup of your new NAS.

This configurator has 3 sections:

  • Section 1 - Personal usage
  • Section 2 - Business usage
  • Section 3 - Support

You should complete Sections 2 and 3. If you're intending to use smikBox for business or professional purposes please also complete Section 2.

Sections 1 and 2 have an introductory video at the top. Please watch the introductory video before answering questions.

When you have completed the questions enter your email in the place provided, and make sure to use the same email you will use when placing the order. Your configuration report will be sent to the email provided.

If you complete this questionnaire more than once, the last submission is recorded as your stated requirements.

Need more help deciding how much storage you use right now?

Don't forget Blu-Ray movies use a lot more storage than DVD, and with the new 4k and oLed TV's available 20GB / Blu-ray is the new norm.

Why not stream movies you may ask. The answer is you can but it consumes available router resources and bandwidth in both the internet connection and WiFi. Plus when the connection slows the streaming quality is also reduced, so you're not getting HD or 4K to the TV.


This is just media, you must also allow storage for documents, Virtualization, Web servers, Surveillance footage, Home automation, educational resources, camcorder footage, etc.