Managing storage starts with making the right choices when you first set up your NAS. If your using the smikbox service your NAS volumes would be set up for you in pre-delivery, so now you only need to know how to backup and manage your NAS storage.

During pre-delivery  your NAS will be partitioned and then automated backup , sync and snapshot facilities configured.
Storage Management

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Slow networks and internet connections problems are frustrating and difficult to resolve. Home and office networks rely heavily on WiFi because of the convenience for use and setup, but WiFi is susceptible to many external factors that make it unreliable or slow. Our appetite for technology is growing and most homes and businesses will triple their storage and inter connectivity requirements in the next 2 years.

The way you set up and manage your network can have a tremendous impact on the reliability, performance and security of your network. A little effort now will save you from having to perform tedious technical duties on an ongoing basis.

Visit the Network Management resources area for important information relating to the set up and management of your network.
Network Management

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The media servers are one of the first features most people discover in their new NAS and you are spoiled for choice with a smikbox NAS. You need to understand the options available as their benefits are effected by the speed of your home network, your internet connection and the power of the PC's, mobile devices, DVD, gaming platforms in your home.

Visit the Media Servers resources for important information relating to the set up and management of your network.
Media Servers

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