Benefits of Cloud Computing to Business and Security

Up till now one of the functions organizations have looked to the Cloud to provide is backup of infrastructure. Now throughout this article wherever there is reference to cloud computing it should be assumed the cloud service could be using … Read More

SmikBox Live TV Channel Coming Soon!

We have had a lot of feedback on the Smikbox webinars and our “How to” sessions that has led us to the thought that maybe it’s time to start our own YouTube channel! In that way, when our customers and … Read More

Gartner Research on Consumer Adoption of Cloud Storage

An interesting article posted by Gartner in June 2012 predicting growth in consumer cloud storage Gartner Says That Consumers Will Store More Than a Third of Their Digital Content in the Cloud by 2016 It’s now 2016 and can’t help … Read More

Age of Personal Digital Assets

Personal / Professional / Education and Media Files have been taken for granted for many years, which are commonly disorganized in thumb drives, PC hard disks  and direct-access storage devices (DASD). However, we now have higher resolution cameras, surveillance footage, movies, streaming … Read More

One Person’s Evolution from Simple USB Storage to CloudBox Technology

External storage for home and business usually begins with the purchase of a USB drive connected to your PC. My first was a portable western Digital 300MB, USB 1 standard, which I still use today. As my storage requirements changed, I … Read More