Personal / Professional / Education and Media Files have been taken for granted for many years, which are commonly disorganized in thumb drives, PC hard disks  and direct-access storage devices (DASD).

However, we now have higher resolution cameras, surveillance footage, movies, streaming services, multiple social media channels, high quality documents and presentations having sufficient storage, backups and means to find information quickly at home or office; even when accessing remotely is a fundamental requirement of the modern lifestyle.

CloudBox  - Age of Personal Digital Assets

"I need a way to retain and re-use the information (personal and professional) I accumulate over the years. It's important to store the important information I accumulate throughout my career, so if I move to another firm I don't start from scratch, but finding it quickly (from anywhere) when I need it is just as important, sometimes more important that the content quality. Often minutes can count!"

- Mark Stone, CTO

When we think of storage, many of us will assume that it’s all about files and documents, but that’s not all there is to it. The modern lifestyle now includes software applications that store information ranging from personal fitness to garden sprinklers and the list is growing.

CloudBox  - Age of Personal Digital Assets

CloudBox  - Age of Personal Digital Assets The internet of things (iOT) is upon us! And as we adopt new devices to improve our lifestyles, the data has to be stored and managed that we should take control our ownership of these digital assets as they grow. We can and must ensure that these assets are used for our benefit and not by a distant firm, for purposes we are unaware of or have not agreed to.
Consider that when you sign up for cloud services or purchase software for business or personal use, your reasonable expectation was that this new “thing” would help you. You did not expect it to be incrementally exposed to the influences of others using your data for their purposes. As technology expands the quality of our lifestyles, we must take steps to better manage the digital assets we create. CloudBox  - Age of Personal Digital Assets

Professionals and business owners rely on networking to expand their influence, and regardless of whether you’re sitting on an established network or working your way up the ranks in a growing firm, maintaining a relationship in a largely online world with those that will stand with you throughout your career requires a different set of skills from the working professionals.
CloudBox  - Age of Personal Digital Assets

The people you meet and begin to form relationships with form a network that you need to keep up with through digital social channels. The customer-related management (CRM) was once thought to be the tool for businesses, but today, working professionals are turning to this tool as a means to keep track of skills, resources and contacts they will need to reconnect with at some time in the future.

CloudBox  - Age of Personal Digital Assets

Using a cloud style network-attached storage (NAS) hosted externally (paid service) or internally using software which are free of service is no longer an option.

The answer is a recursive theme that Cloud services are great and you can and should use them. However, you need the tools to manage your digital world and there is really no better way to have a Personal Cloud box which coordinates and controls this digital side of your life for you.

The good news is, this is all quite simple and "doable" with an intelligent NAS at the centre. A device that stores, manages and protects our digital world.

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