Broadlink – Home Automation IR/RF Trial Kit

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  • Essential starting point for any automation project
  • Brings all your existing devices together
  • Existing devices can still be controlled as before
  • Uses scenes to perform a series of tasks
  • Takes home automation from gimmick to practical
  • SP mini Smart Wifi Plug Socket to control any 240 volt appliance from the eControl App
  • Easy to implement, download the app for free from Play/App store

Note: smikbox only supplies the model compatible with all IR, 433Mhz / 315MHz, suitable for use in Australia.

  RM Pro
Purpose Control IR/RF devices from Home Automation software
Color Black
IR Signal 7 x IR transmitters
RF Signal 433Mhz/315MHz
IFTT Using Broadlink Apps IFTT or Automation systems
Integration Open framework to OpenHab, HomeAssistant, Smart things etc
Power USB 5 Volt
Configuration Stored in devices memory
Backup Backup config to cloud and restore onto other devices or share with friends
Operating Systems Windows, iOS, Android, Linux
Software Included Yes

RM Pro really is the starting point for your Home/Office Automation because it is the only device of its kind that re-purposes all your existing IR and RF controlled technology as modern automated devices.

Fans, TV's, Garage doors, Blinds produced in the last 2 decades use familiar IR (Infrared), RF (Radio frequency) controllers. Just point the controller and your RM Pro and press it's learn key for it to remember the command and make it available to a wide variety of modern automation platforms.

Change a few light switches, add some low cost IR/RF controlled devices or lighting and your well on your way to creating your ideal home without the cost of replacing everything.


  • No need to purchase an expensive WiFi controlled floor sweeper when you can program a simple IR controlled sweeper LG_RobotSweep01 to clean up while your away or maybe set it cleaning while your on your way home in the train.
  • Hate mowing the lawn?Husqvana310-0496 Instruct your Husqvarna mower to trim your lawn regularly, but not when its raining or when family is using the garden.

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Broadlink - Home Automation IR/RF Trial Kit

An easy way to trial Home Automation with IR and RF devices
Control all your existing IP, RF and IR controlled devices such as TV, Air condition, DVD, Curtains, Garage Doors, House lights, power switches, sterio, home entertainment and more.

The only device that controls 433MHz (new) and 315MHz (older) RF frequencies used by electrical appliances manufactured in the last decade.

Includes a Broadlink SP mini Smart Wifi Plugs Socket to control any 240 volt appliance in your home. The SP mini Smart plug can be turned on/off by the timer, controlled remotely or added to a scene where devices are controlled in the correct sequence.

Manage devices from Wifi 2.4GHz b/g/n and from popular home automation systems including Smart things, Home Assistant, OpenHab and more.

Control from Android, IOS, Windows, Linux applications.
Voice control with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Siri and Tasker.

Control your devices from your smart device from home or remotely via internet.

Auto home modes, AUTO Home arrival and AUTO Away, on/off the appliance as the set.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 cm

4 reviews for Broadlink – Home Automation IR/RF Trial Kit

  1. Thomas Sen

    Its great to have these as a kit, my question is does the kit come with instructions. I tried a Black bean recently and could not get it to control some of my devices.

    • admin

      Thanks for the question , Marks answer is best. The device is just for IR, so for RM you need to use the RM Pro.
      The other issue I would mention is that the specs indicate it can receive verbal instructions in Chinese. We have not tried this and I cant recall seeing any place where you can set verbal commands.
      HOWEVER: We have had some success using Google Home to accept instructions to control devices connected through the RM3 Mini (Black Bean) device.

    • admin

      ALSO neglected to mention, the QNAP NAS with smikbox Home Automation Kits include Home Assist applications can also be used control devices connected to the RM Pro and 3 Mini (Black Bean).

      This makes a really nice solution when running from within your NAS, which is managing networking, backup, home entertainment etc.

      Its a smik solution (sorry pun intended) … Worth a look!

  2. Mark

    Good question, there is a few parts to the answer.
    I have found the Black Bean really helpful, first it is only for controlling IR devices, so if your trying to pair with RF it would not of worked (but I assume you knew that already)
    Second since it is IR there are limitations to the distance the device can be from the Blackbean and it’s best to be in line of sight if possible. IR can bounce round corners but during setup, it gives you more confidence if you have the devices close when pairing so it works as expected.
    Third when setting up remote dont press the buttons on the remote too many times. First time I did it I pressed the volume up twice, and so whenever I used the BlackBean to change volume it went up drmatically (scared the heck outa the neighbours). Lastly it appears to be easier to set up when you do that set up close to your wifi router, so it has a good signla. You can move it away when the set up is done, but all the devices I set up when beside the router worked flawlessly, and the others I found I had to do a again. (its again linked to that pressing the button twice issue I mentioned above because you think it did not record the first time).
    Hope this helps.

  3. Ken Nescoge

    This is a great kit, was very easy to setup and I appreciate the help from Mark at Smikbox getting through my strange problem with outdated iOS stopoing my Robotic vacuum cleaners commands from getting through.

    I saw a post somewhere that explained you are working with Google Home and Home Assistant (was it running as a Virtual Machine on the QNAP NAS?).

    Are you intending to release these configuration files.

    I had a look at home assistant running in my QNAP NAS, and I can see it has the facility to control Broadlink RM2 etc. But not sure how to use it.

    Will smikbox be adding this to their NAS offering so I can download and instal ? .. Is that your intentions?

    • Marketing and Communications

      Hi Ken, yes your assumption is correct. We are researching the Broadlink interface with Home Assistant and Google Home. Currently we have Tasker for Android phones using Autovoice to take verbal commands and pass these to the Broadlink controllers. This is a really good start, but if your phones is flat… need I say more..

      Google home and Alexia is the permanent microphone in all rooms (if you have the budget to buy enough of them). So we have the basic mechanics working for Google (alexia will follow soon after), now we are trying to merge so the configs we give to Smikbox community work exactly the ssme regardless of if the voice instruction comes from mobile, Google Home, Alexia or a household Command/Control strip (more on these self adhesive multi-function strips later).

      Once we get this working Voice controlled assistants in the home become much more useful and don’t require you to think about the technology in order to get something done!

  4. ShaneOn

    I found that one of the RF controls was not recognised by the IR/RF kit, then after speaking to smikbox (chat) i realised that if I convert a few light switches to the bradlink, I get another light controlled by my home automation, and as a bonus the RF controlling the garage door (which is a long way away) now works because these devices retransmit each others signal so the wireless reach is greater than home 2.4G WiFi network.. awesome !

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