Broadlink – Home Automation Trial Kit

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A easy way to try Home Automation yourself !

  • RM Mini 3 is an essential starting point for any automation project
  • Brings all your existing IR devices together into a centrally automated home
  • Existing devices can still be controlled as before with remote controls and switches
  • After learning from the existing remote gives your existing devices a cloud identity so that can be managed by home automation applications
  • Uses scenes to perform a series of tasks
  • Takes home automation from gimmick to practical
  • SP mini Smart Wifi Plug Socket to control any 240 volt appliance from the eControl App
  • Easy to implement, download the app for free from Play/App store


  RM Mini
Purpose Control IR/RF devices from Home Automation software
Color Black
IR Signal 7 x IR transmitters
IFTT Using Broadlink Apps IFTT or Automation systems
Integration Open framework to OpenHab, HomeAssistant, Smart things etc
Power USB 5 Volt
Configuration Stored in devices memory
Backup Backup config to cloud and restore onto other devices or share with friends
Operating Systems Windows, iOS, Android, Linux
Software Included Yes

RM Mini is an important starting point for your Home/Office Automation project because it is the only device of its kind that re-purposes all your existing IR controlled technology within the new state of the art automation platforms.

Fans, TV's, curtains, blinds and other devices produced in the last 2 decades use familiar IR (Infrared) control. Just point the controller and your RM Mini and press it's learn key for it to remember the command and make it available to your preferred modern automation platform.

IR signals typically only travel line of sight so you need one or more small discrete RM Mini to receive commands by WiFi from your home controller and re-transmit the corresponding IR signal to the device to be controlled. The learning is simple as well, a few minutes linking the Buttons to their corresponding command from the remote control and your ready to start introducing IFTT (If This Then That) instructions to your home automation systems to streamline your life style.

This kit includes the Broadlink SP mini Smart Wifi Plugs Socket to control any 240 volt appliance in your home. The SP mini Smart plug can be turned on/off by the time, controlled remotely or added to a scene where devices are controlled in the correct sequence.


  • Turn on the TV, then the set top box, then select a channel and turn on the corner lights)
  • No need to purchase an expensive WiFi controlled floor sweeper when you can program a simple IR controlled sweeper LG_RobotSweep01 to clean up while your away or maybe set it cleaning while your on your way home in the train.
  • When you come home before night fall, open the curtains, turn on the corner light, music soft, turn on and dim hallway lights to 50%, and over head lights in the kitchen. Yes you can do all that running around yourself but be truthful do you now, who makes the time for this? With automation your technology sets up you home as you like to see it and in a way you want to live in it. It helps you be more efficient, effective, well rested and prepared

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Broadlink - Home Automation Trial Kit

Simple / low cost way to try Automation in your home

Not sure if home automation is for you, concerned its too technical, not sure where the value is

With the Experimenters Kit you can create a simple set of controls to manage devices you already own!

Use the RM Mini 3 as the controller for your IR devices including your TV, DVD perhaps Fans and Air Conditioning is Infra-Red controlled. In most living rooms most of the devices will be IR, and create your first scene in minutes.

Includes a Broadlink SP mini Smart Wifi Plugs Socket to control any 240 volt appliance in your home. The SP mini Smart plug can be turned on/off by the timer, controlled remotely or added to a scene where devices are controlled in the correct sequence.

Control your devices from inside or outside the home from Android, IOS, Windows, Linux applications.

Create timers to turn on/off lights to show a regular living pattern when your away or due to arrive home. Turn on/off devices to save time and reduce costs.

Auto home modes, AUTO Home arrival and AUTO Away, on/off the appliance as the set.

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  1. AlynPie

    I get it now, you cant appreciate till you play with it. Buying one bit at a time, you dont get it, this kit was a good idea.

  2. Matilda

    I have been absent for quite a while, have not heard of this kit, seems like a great idea, noticed U guys from

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