Broadlink S1 Smart Home Security Kit

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A surprising little device !

  • Essential starting point for any automation project
  • No drilling, or unsightly cabling install using the included adhesive tape
  • Existing sensors can added and then included in the easy to set up “If This Then That” (IFTT) sequences.
  • Communication between security sensors using RF for added security
  • Uses scenes to perform a series of tasks
  • Grant friends family access from your mobile using 3G / 4G
  • Check / confirm when kids are home or leaving.
  • Protect from smoke, gas or unforeseen threats


  S1 Security Kit
Purpose Starters kit of sensors / controllers for Home automation
Color White
Materials VO Fire Resistant PC & Acrylic Top Cover
Working Temperature 0-50C,
RF Frequency 433.92MHz
RF Receiving Sensitivity -110dB
RF Protocol Broadlink RF Protocol
Wireless 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
IFTT Using Broadlink Apps IFTT or Automation systems
Integration Open framework to OpenHab, HomeAssistant, Smart things etc
Configuration Stored in devices memory
Backup Backup config to cloud and restore onto other devices or share with friends
Operating Systems Windows, iOS, Android, Linux
Software Included Yes

Sensors are very small and light weight so can be attached using the self adhesive tape stips provided. This is also of benefit to those renting as these devices can be easily relocated.

The management software is the same home automation software used for the entire Broadlink product range. You can create convenient scenes containing a sequence of events that start from a simple icon or are triggers by a sequence of IFTT (If This Then That) conditions, that include consideration of time of day, weather, personal calendar, family schedule and much more.


  • When I walk in the home the air conditioning will of already been running for 20 minutes. The lights in hallway come on if there is low light. As I walk to the kitchen the benchtop lights come on to 30% brightness, SONOS starts to play Spotify and low volume, my favorite corner light beside the lounge comes on, a low cost Tablet mounted in a wall bracket uses the free content aggregator running on my smikbox NAS to shows a consolidated feed of the days events in business social channels I need to follow.
  • When you come home before night fall, open the curtains, turn on the corner light, music soft, turn on and dim hallway lights to 50%, and over head lights in the kitchen. Yes you can do all that running around yourself but be truthful do you now, who makes the time for this? With automation your technology sets up you home as you like to see it and in a way you want to live in it. It helps you be more efficient, effective, well rested and prepared

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Broadlink S1 Smart Home Security Kit

Simple way to add home security to you Home Automation Plans
The S1 starters Kit contains door sensor, S1 controller, motion sensor, FOB remote that you can set up in a few minutes. Each S1 controller can manage up to 16 sensors (add more as you need) comprised of Door, window sensors, smoke detectors, motion, temperature, illumination, water, fuel/gas leakage and provides support for the long list of technologies emerging such as Arduino voice/face recognition .

Links with devices using RF 433Mhz and Wifi 2.4GHz b/g/n and integrates to popular home automation systems including Smart things, Home Assistant, OpenHab and more.

Control from Android, IOS, Windows, Linux applications.
Voice control with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Siri and Tasker.

Control your devices from your smart device from home or remotely via internet.

Auto home modes, AUTO Home arrival and AUTO Away, on/off the appliance as the set.

Dual function of home security and home automation (sensors turn lights on when walk into dark room) makes it a worthwhile companion in the home.

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Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2.5 cm

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  1. Jayan

    I have it running and works find, what do people use the remote control for, I mean you can set up to turn on when your cell phone leaves, or when press button, but do peopl eget multiple remotes for family members?

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