Broadlink – Mini Power Plug, Wireless+Timer+Extender


  • Turn off / on devices around your home
  • Devices controlled by a programmable timer
  • Activate any devices remotely using your mobile
  • Reduce power consumption by turning devices off when you leave the home
  • Lower energy costs with smart responses to environment
  • Easy to implement secure environment


  SP Mini
Purpose Turn on off 240 volt appliances
Color White
Power 5V mini USB cable and 240V transformer provided
IFTT Using Broadlink Apps IFTT or Automation systems
Integration Open framework to OpenHab, HomeAssistant, Smart things etc
Power Self powered from 240 volt mains
Configuration Stored in devices memory
Backup Backup config to cloud and restore onto other devices or share with friends
Operating Systems Windows, iOS, Android, Linux
Software Included Yes

Using a sensor your home can respond to environmental changes, opening blinds, closing to reduce excessive heat or cold, provide alerts of hazardous fuel, gas or smoke, that send you a message or trigger events thar engage Fans, doors, locks Blinds through RM Mini2 or RM Pro devices.


  • Turn off your home WiFi routerBL-SPMini01e2 when you are asleep to reduce risk of health problems caused by radio radiation close to you head.
  • Automatically turn off water dispensor when you are not at home to avoid build up of harmfull substances like nitrate generated by repeated heating of water.BL-SPMini01e1
  • BL-SPMini01d2Automatically turn on humidifier and air purifier when air condition changes (Environment sensor used to trigger this action).
  • Set timer to cook before getting back from work or before you wake. BL-SPMini01d1

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Broadlink - Wireless Smart Plug

Broadlink SP Mini Power Plug, Wireless + Timer + Extender Time Socket, Wireless Remote Control Socket For Phone Control For Smart Home

Your home automation system can simplify your life further with environmental information

Monitoring for Volatile Organic compounds (Gas, Fuel leakage or smoke) , temperature, humidity, Noise, Illumination and or extending the range of sensors by adding PM2.5 and PIR compliant devices transitions your home technology from a smart home into a lifestyle assistant.

Link sensory output to IFTT (If This Then That) to the many home automation systems including Smart things, Home Assistant, OpenHab and more.

Control from Android, IOS, Windows, Linux applications.
Voice control with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Siri and Tasker.

Control your devices from your smart device from home or remotely via internet.

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Dimensions 4 × 6 × 12 cm


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