Broadlink – TC2-1-Gang 2-Gang 3-Gang Smart Light switch

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  • Modern stylish light switches that increase the value of your home
  • Devices controlled by a programmable from the App to a schedule or with a timer
  • Activate any devices remotely using your mobile
  • Reduce power consumption by turning devices off when you leave the home
  • Lower energy costs with smart responses to environment and day light saving
  • Main controller is accessed by WiFi but uses RF to control lights and communicates over longer distances than regular WiFi
  • Easy to implement secure environment


  TC2 Light switches
Purpose Snap in replacement for mechanical light switches
Color White/Black
Panel Monocrystalline glass
Power Self powered from power harvesting
Wattage 5-200W/Gang (Note: Power should be less than 100W/Gang when using energy saving or LED light)
Frequency 433 Mhz (RM Pro needed to access control App from WiFi which in turn sends RF to light switch)
RF Range Greater than 8 Metres (Use separate RM pro for greater distances)
IFTT Using Broadlink Apps IFTT or Automation systems
Integration Open framework to OpenHab, HomeAssistant, Smart things etc
Power Self powered from 240 volt mains
Configuration Stored in devices memory
Backup Backup config to cloud and restore onto other devices or share with friends
Operating Systems Windows, iOS, Android, Linux
Software Included Yes

Each light switch is ultra low power consumption, and harvests this tiny power requirement from mains, making it safe and each to install. The devices are controlled by a Broadlink RM Pro, which sends RF signals to each switch over longer distances than WiFi can travel. The transfer protocol is very simple (much the same as your garage door's RF signal) compared to WiFi so it can operate normally with much lower signal levels.


  • Automatically turn on hall lights to 50% when you arrive home and ambient light is low
  • Set scenes for times of the day / night and the mood / ambiance required.
  • TIP: Switches are used to lights conventional lights on/off. But what about dimming? You can purchase new dimmable light and LED strips that your Home Automation can control, but there is another choice that's less expensive. The RM Pro can be use to program any low cost dimmer for incandescent or LED mono or color lights, and using the same RM Pro used for these switches, install a low cost dimmer or color controller for your lights and use RM Pro to change your them to set the ambiance. Contact smikbox for the “how to” details.

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Broadlink - TC2-1-Gang 2-Gang 3-Gang Smart Light switch

Changing from mechanical to digital switches has many benefits. Broadlink light switches are beautiful to look at technically clever and very convenient.

smikBox supplies switches suitable for Australian conditions, and that can be fitted in a few minutes. We provide DIY instructions and support.

Each switch uses passive power harvesting to power its lights and relays with near zero power consumption. The ultra low power LED emits a low blue light for anyone trying to find the light switch in the dark. The lights can still be controlled manually from the smooth easy to clean touch panel and also from the home automation system.

You access the home automation software control from any mobile or tablet where you can create IFTT (If This Then That) conditions to turn on / off lights or dim lights (both incandescent and LED) using dimmers controls in line with your requirements. All lights can then be managed using your preferred home automation system including Smart things, Home Assistant, OpenHab and more.

Control from Android, IOS, Windows, Linux applications.
Voice control with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Siri and Tasker.

Control your devices from your smart device from home or remotely via internet.

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Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 5 cm
No of switches

1-Gang, 2-Gang, 3-Gang


Black, White

1 review for Broadlink – TC2-1-Gang 2-Gang 3-Gang Smart Light switch

  1. Aalpha Dook

    I have been looking for a product that was simple to install in an existing home, I received my new switch last week and within a few minutes I could control it from a phone or the home automation system for a fraction of the cost of other brands. Now I can afford to buy enough to update the whole home!

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